The Adventures of Erwin the Duck

Erwin the duck was named by his Father, What the Duck, after Erwin Schrodinger who he hopes likes ducks a lot more than cats. Erwin was raised to live his life free as a bird and to have adventures whenever he has the opportunity.

With a little help from his friend John, Erwin's adventures will be documented in these pages.

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We went to the Whenham Council on Aging Kite Day.

I had fun.

The Hammonasset Festival is one we always try to make it to. The Park is quite a long flight from home for a little duck like me but John and his wife, Lisa can camp in the campground right next to the kite field.
Lisa holds my line.
Lots of friends in the sky with me.

Erwin went to the 139th Annual Kites Over New England Vernal Equinox and Saint Patric's Day Kite Fly on Saturday.
The First day of Spring was spectacular at the beach.

Erwin finnally got out of the truck today. This is the cold, empty playground at Devereaux Beach in Marblehead.
It was nice to be out again.

Erwin spent some time at the Ferry Beach Camp and Conference Center in Saco, ME with John and the folks from the UU Church of Marblehead.
It was a wonderful weekend in a little corner of Heaven.

Erwin and a bunch of his friends went to the Crotched Mountain School to have fun during their "Family Day". There were lots of smiles.
This keeps getting better every year.

It's been a while but Erwin finnally got out to play at the East Meets West Festival at Pope John Paul II park in Dorchester, MA.
Tomy Chung throws this great party every year to bring people from China and the US together to share culture and kites.
The wind was a bit bumpy for most of the day but Erwin had fun and met some new friends.

Erwin was at the Marblehead Festival of Arts helping to "Paint the Sky". Archie Stewart of Kite Education ran the show.
We met lots of good people and had a great time.
The wind was really high. Check out this movie of Erwin dancing in the wind.

The Boston Kite Show was a fun time.
At Pope John Paul Park in Boston, MA.

Erwin watches over the 13th Kites Over New England Regional Festival and Competition
on June 6th, 2009.
The Rokaku Battle was a lot of fun.
The running of the Bols.

Erwin's home is near Long Beach Reservation (aka Nahant Beach) in Lynn, Massachusetts, USA.
Thanksgiving Day at the beach.
this was just another nice picture.

Erwin flew at Hapton New Hampshire with his friends from Kites Over New England
to celebrate the coming of Spring and St. Patrick's Day.
This is our way of kicking off the kiting season.

Erwin started his adventures on Grape Island, part of the Boston Harbor Islands National Park
Erwin found a great beach to fly from on the island (N42.26774 W70.92049). The beach is made up of mostly crushed shells.

Erwin made a new friend on Grape Island. His name is Mike and he is a kind and generous soul.
Check out how he is helping keep the Boston Harbor Islands healthy with the Boston Harbor Islands Conservation Society

When Erwin travels, he lives (with his lifter kite and line) in this compression bag.

Erwin appears in a movie.

Erwin went out to George's Island on Labor Day, 2006. This was the last day for the Inter-island shuttle and the end of the camping season on the islands.
This is Fort Warren
Gotta love kids.

Erwin went to the Crotched Mountain School for their first Kite Festival. The Crotched Mountain Center is a wonderful place that rests on the beautiful slopes of the mountain. The other side of the mountain is a skiing area. The Center does great work for kids with spinal, head, and neck injuries.
We had a great time at Crotched Mountain on November 15th when they let us fly our kites in the gym. Click to see the video

Erwin summited Mount Monadnock and flew there.
Erwin's friend Leif helped

Erwin went to the American Kitefliers' Association Convention in Gettysburg, PA.
You can see Iquad in the background.
Erwin wandered over to visit his father, What but What was napping.

Erwin took a wonderful trip to Tel Aviv, Israel in March of 2008.
Here he is getting a tan on the beach on the Mediterranian Sea. Erwin had a wonderful time in Israel and wants to go back soon. Sababa

Erwin helped Celebrate Veterans' Day 2008 at Pope John Paul II Park South of Boston.

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